New Contact Lenses are now so comfortable you won't realise you're wearing them. They are also very easy to put on and off, after a 20-minute lesson.
If you have been told in the past that "they don't do your prescription" that now does not apply.
If you have been told in the past that "you have dry eyes so are not suitable for lenses" that now does not apply for a lot of wearers.
Enjoy the freedom of not having glasses that steam up in the kitchen or shops. Walk in the rain without needing windscreen wipers for your spectacles.
If you are just needing glasses for reading there are now Multifocal Contact Lenses which are clear for distance and powered for reading. No more searching for reading glasses.

We draw upon all leading Contact Lens Manufacturers:
Johnson & Johnson; AcuVue and OASYS ranges
CooperVision; Biofinity and Sauflon ranges
Bausch & Lomb; PureVision HD range
ALCON; Aqua Comfort PLUS and AirOptix ranges
Mark'Ennovy; Gentle 80 ranges

We can fit for Distance, Astigmatism, Reading and Multifocals (for the over 40's)
The lenses we use are regarded as being the best available in the world.
If you have tried Contact Lenses in the past but didn't get on with them for whatever reason, then come in and have a chat with Ian Billson.
Ian Billson as well as a Contact Lens Specialist is also a Dry Eye Specialist, he felt that the two go together and he regularly attends Conferences and meetings that deal with these two subjects.

The age range for Contact Lens wearing is, at the moment, from 8 years old and goes up to post 60.
Why not try a free contact lens trial with Ian Billson our contact lens specialist click here to book now